You’re Better Off Crazy

**This post was originally posted on an old blog of mine over 4 years ago. I encountered something similar the other day and thought instead of writing a new post, I would repost this one which I thought captured it at least as well as I could now**

“I Love this Song” he said, and sung a few words. “Is this Journey?”

“No,” said the girl behind the McDonald’s counter “I’m pretty sure it’s Nick Lachey”.

Before I continue this story, you have to understand that this man is crazy. Not in the way you’re assuming, (I mean, who likes Nick Lachey”), but this man literally would be living in a mental hospital, if such things still existed.

I’ve seen this man, (whose name I believe is Dave), around before. He likes to stand on the street corner and ask people for change while drinking tea out of a giant mug, and he REALLY loves McDonald’s. He likes to ambush strangers waiting for the bus and ply them with McDonald’s knowledge and inquire after their favourite sandwiches.

Now to continue the story….

“Well I love this song,” said Dave, “I know all the words. I know lots and lots of words to lots of songs.”

“You ever been in a band?” butted in another man.

“Nope”, replied Dave cheerfully. Blissfully unaware of the competition for musical status he was about to lose.

“Well I have” said Mr. Bandman, “I’ve been playing in Bars for 40 years and know the words to every song that has ever been on the radio”

“You know who else I love?” Dave said, completely unaware that he had just been soundly beaten. “I love Alice Cooper. I have all his albums.”

“Oh ya,” Mr. Bandman’s eyes lit up, as he saw another chance to score a musical point. “What instrument did he play?”

“Probably guitar,” said Dave.

“Ha! Alice Cooper didn’t play anything!” crowed Mr. Bandman New World Champion Of Everything Music. “He just sang!” He looked around the restaurant to make sure everyone was seeing this.

“Well, I didn’t know” said Dave politely, “But I have all his albums and I love all his songs”.

Now I don’t want to belittle Dave’s plight. He clearly is down on his luck, probably because of whatever mental struggles he has. But sanity minus sensibility isn’t all that much better. Dave is totally fine with Dave. And we can all use a lesson from him.

Almost everyone runs around this world trying to prove themselves, comparing themselves. And every single time we find out that somebody out there is bigger, stronger, smarter, skinnier, prettier, more knowledgeable, or even just THINKS they are those things, we are crushed. Distraught. Depressed.

But here is the truth. You are a Human Being. A Person. Created by God. In His image. You were made on purpose, for a purpose.

And if you can think of all that, and still be depressed because you are comparing yourself to other created people just like you, well then quite frankly, you’d probably be better off crazy. Just like Dave. Who thinks that Dave is just fine the way he is.


Mr. World Music Champion sneered at his foe, the one who couldn’t tell he had been vanquished. He turned towards the server and wished her a goodnight.

“You have a goodnight too!” shouted Dave who was on his way out.

“I wasn’t talking to you” laughed Mr. Insecure MusicMaster. A look of utter superiority flashed across his face.

“Ok!” smiled Dave as he headed outside, still humming the Nick Lachey song he loved so much.


The wikipedia page of your life

Most of us aren’t ever going to be famous enough to have our own wikipedia page written. But it’s a very interesting thing to think “what would the wikipedia page about me say?”.

The reason I find this such an interesting question is because of the rules that wikipedia has in place to make sure that the entries stay as objective as possible. The main rule is that opinions must be clearly marked as opinions.

For example, while Jordan Peterson’s entry lists many “controversial” incidents, and even though many of the articles cited use the term “controversial professor”, the actual entry never calls him such. Rather it makes it clear that there are people who consider him controversial.

A great example is the way it allows musicians to be described. It doesn’t say that Taylor Swift has a “sweet and soft” voice. Rather it references that specific critics refer to her vocals as “sweet and soft”.

Where am I going with this.

Could you write out the story of your life and actually consider where your own opinions of yourself come from? What would it look like if you just stuck to the facts. So many of us carry labels that others have put on us as if they are the truth. We would write “Despite being stupid, John Smith managed to graduate with honours from university”. Or would it be more truthful to write “John Smith graduated with honours from university, the only member of his family to accomplish such a feat. This despite the fact that at the age of 10 his teacher had referred to him in a parent/teacher meeting as stupid”.

It’s a challenge I have for myself. Do I carry the labels and opinions that others have put on me, both negative AND positive. Or do I realize that other peoples opinions of me are just that, opinions. And that not only do I not have to carry those labels, but I also have a lot of my own story left to write.