What a bizarre thing.

Like when you are really hungry? What an insane feeling. I can remember being 14 and being convinced that I was as hungry as anyone had ever been in the world. My mom basically just gave me a pot of rice to eat in the afternoon because I wouldn’t stop complaining about how hungry I was. Just being a growing teenage boy was an overwhelming thing.

Is there anything that can our affect our decision making like hunger? When you get hungry, figuring out what to eat, or just how you are going to get to where you’re going to eat next is the only thing matters.

I don’t have more of a one track mind then when I’m hungry. My wife could be telling me the most important information, but if I’m really hungry, It’s like a symphony orchestra is playing beethovans 5th between my ears. I can’t hear anything.

Because food is a need. You must eat. You must have nutrients. Without them you die. And your body and brain know this.

And it takes over everything.

For example…….

I’m hungry right now

And I can’t remember what this blog was about.

All I know is. Don’t work hungry.

You won’t be able to think straight.

I think…..

I don’t know anymore……..

Craziest of all….I don’t think I’ve ever been actually hungry. Not real hunger. Not life and death hunger. That’s a very real thing, and as hungry as I’ve ever felt, I’ve never truly been that hungry.